Taurus Man – Pisces Woman Compatibility In Love, Life, And Sex

What do you get when you mix steadfast and stubborn with sweet and dreamy? The relationship, in a nutshell, between the Taurus Man and the Pisces Woman. Both of these star signs have their less than desirable traits, redeemed by their positive ones. Both of these star signs are focused on the future but with varying degrees of intensity. They need each other to function, Taurus being a fixed Earth sign and Pisces being a dreamer Water Sign.

So how do these lovers fare when in a relationship? Do Pisces and Taurus get along? Are they compatible sexually but lacking an emotional connection? Do they check all the boxes for a healthy and happy relationship, making them a good love match? Let’s find out!

Compatibility Overview Between Taurus Man Pisces Woman


Taurus Man Pisces Woman
Compatibility Degree


Emotional Connection

Below Average



Trust & Dependability


Common Values

Below Average

Intimacy & Sex

Very Strong

Taurus Man and Pisces Woman Common Characteristics

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With one of these signs a fixed Earth sign (Taurus Man) and the other a moving water sign (Pisces Woman), you would think that their compatibility wasn’t as strong as it could have been and that they would have minimal things in common. The reality of it? These two astrological signs actually have more than one thing in common.

Both of these signs have an appreciation and love of beauty – beauty in nature, beauty in their relationship, and beauty in themselves. They are both dependable and steadfast people, with kindness and affection being a part of their bond.

Taurus Man and Pisces Woman Love, Sex, and Intimacy

The Pisces Woman, who is a dreamer, has the personality that the Taurus Man needs and craves. She is sweet, he is stubborn, she is  kind to his distance, and she is the one who shows him the deep love and affection he desires. While he might not always be the most outgoing and gushing personality, it’s the little things that he does for his Pisces Woman that shows her the love. Whether it is making dinner after a long day at work or taking her away for the weekend – this relationship is built on equal grounds of comfort.

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Sex between these two star signs is explosive, earthshaking, and all about the foreplay rather than the actual act. The sensual lover that is hidden underneath his reserved nature brings out the imagination in the Pisces Woman and once that happens? Then both are receptive parties during their alone time. The Pisces Woman has no trouble handling her passionate Taurus Man and she brings out the adventurous side of him by introducing new things to the bedroom.

Once the emotional connection has been established between these two lovers? Then watch out because their relationship is going to turn serious and consuming very quickly. After all, Earth can’t survive without water.

Taurus Man and Pisces Woman Communication and Intellect

He has strong opinions about things and needs the sweet Pisces Woman to gently let him know when he’s wrong. She is sweet and soft but all that does is hide a thirsty mind that soaks up knowledge like a sponge. She is quite intelligent and well-read on a variety of subjects that intrigues the Taurus Man.

Taurus Man and Pisces Woman Clashes/Conflict

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The stubbornness that the Taurus Man omits in his daily life, including his relationships, tend to be the main source of conflict between these two. The dreamer Pisces Woman is not only prone to daydreaming, she is also prone to drifting through life which makes the Taurus Man dig in his heels to bring her back.

She is a loving, open person which can cause him to hide even more of himself to avoid attention being drawn to him. While this openness can give the Taurus Man confidence to approach her, he knows that this aspect of her personality also gives others the confidence to approach her.

Tips for Better Understanding

It’s not all bad between the Taurus Man and the Pisces Woman when they work together to make their relationship last. He has to be willing to let things slide more than he normally would while she has to be willing to plant her feet (and her mind) more firmly on the ground.

Neither of these signs are the type to play games and they are not appreciative when someone tries to in their relationships.

Being open and honest with each other will give this couple a more solid foundation to build their lasting relationship on.

Taurus Man and Pisces Woman Trust and Dependability

You cannot find a more dependable man when it comes to a lasting relationship than one that was born under the Taurus astrological sign. Your Taurus Man is steadfast, trustworthy, and the rock you will cling to when the world has gone mad. He is a stable man, a practical man, and a loving man when his shyness fades away.

The Taurus Man seeks a relationship that will comfort him and provide him with the security he both wants and desires. The Pisces Woman, with her sweet and loving nature, brings that comfort out full force when her Taurus Man needs her. She is his rock as he is hers.

Taurus Man and Pisces Woman Long Term Relationship and Marriage

The Taurus Man will not just jump into any relationship as it isn’t in his nature. He wants to take his time and ensure that this woman is the one for him as he is looking for a lasting relationship, the type of relationship that turns into marriage, and the type of relationship that he knows exactly who to turn to in his time of need.

The Pisces Woman is tuned into her Taurus Man and will spend a quiet night at home watching the latest movie series with him rather than dragging him out to a social function. She will be appreciative and in awe of his abilities to take any situation and turn it around, with his practical side being a major turn-on.

Taurus Man and Pisces Woman Financial Harmony

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The Taurus Man is focused, razor sharp, on his career and his livelihood. He will set goals to meet in his chosen profession and then he will complete all the work, regardless of the amount or effort, to meet them. Being a practical man by nature, he will ensure that all of his financial debt and bills are paid before allowing himself a treat.

The Pisces Woman is not as focused on her career as she is too busy wandering and soaking up all the knowledge she can in all areas of her life. She isn’t as practical with her money but her Taurus Man knows how to stabilize her and bring her back to her senses.


The relationship between the Taurus Man and the Pisces Woman is beautiful, complicated, and passionate with each party seeking all and any beauty they can find in both the big and the small moments.

Remember to communicate with each other and remember that you need to be accepting (not judgment) of each other’s personalities and little quirks.

Do you know what it is like to be a Pisces Woman dating a Taurus Man (or the other way around)? What are some of the things you learnt that can help others navigate their relationship? Tell us in the comments below! And don’t forget – sharing is caring when it comes to this article.

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