Taurus Man – Leo Woman Compatibility in Love, Life, and Sex

When the stars and the planets align for love, magical things can happen or if they aren’t in alignment? Your relationship can become a fight for love and survival. There are just some zodiac signs (astrological signs) that aren’t meant to collaborate in a romantic relationship. That is why today we are going to take a closer look at one of the common pairings that can be both passionate and sweet, loving and fun with slightly darker elements.

This is the Taurus Man and the Leo Woman – their compatibility in love, life, and sex.



Taurus Man, Leo Woman
Compatibility Degree


Emotional Connection

Below Average



Trust & Dependability


Common Values

Below Average

Intimacy & Sex

Very Strong

Taurus Man and Leo Woman Common Characteristics

The Taurus Man has a few defining characteristics that he shares with a couple other astrological signs. So what does he share with his Leo Woman?

They both share a love of stability. They want to know deep within their hearts that the relationship they are in is the one for them. A relationship without games, without manipulations, and a relationship that will be passionate without the flare-ups of temper on a constant basis.

These two are stubborn creatures, however, and definitely creatures of habit. They want things their way at all times and they aren’t exactly inviting to anything (or anyone) that can threaten their plans. It takes a while for these two signs to warm up to a new person but once they do? You have a friend (or lover) for life.

Both being stubborn fixed astrological signs means that there is the spark for conflict but we will get more into that down below.

Taurus Man and Leo Woman Love, Sex, and Intimacy

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When it comes to love, the Taurus Man and the Leo Woman are both in the market and searching for the same kind – stable, patient, and consuming. They want a relationship that will both challenge them while allowing those quiet bonding moments to happen naturally. These two signs will definitely have something in common there.

Sex and intimacy, on the other hand, is one of the strongest components of this pairing. Both signs are passionate and sensual lovers with a desire to give the other pleasure. The friction that is created due to the Taurus Man and the Leo Woman’s stubborn nature can boil over into a passionate and pleasurable rendezvous. The high levels of energy and spirit that flows through the veins of the Leo Woman helps the reserved Taurus Man shed his reserve and come out of his shell, both socially and sexually.

Taurus Man and Leo Woman Communication and Intellect

The Taurus Man is a steadfast, patient man who enjoys deep conversation about one of his many interests. He wants a partner that can bring liveliness to a debate without it turning into an argument, so a well-spoken and well-read Leo Woman is the perfect match (and foil) for him.

Both partners hold their opinions close to their chest until they recognize they are in a safe place to express their thoughts. Once these two signs do? Then they are able to hold long conversations about all types of subjects – from heavy to light.

Taurus Man and Leo Woman Clashes/Conflicts

The biggest clash that will occur during the relationship of a Taurus Man and a Leo Woman is their stubborn natures. They are both set in their ways, convinced they are right, and will not budge just because the other party expects them to.

The reserved nature of the Taurus Man can be an irritant to the high-spirited Leo Woman so she will start to try and bring him out of his shell in annoyance. This can create classes and conflict then because the stubborn Taurus Man will dig in his heels and prefer to do things on his own terms.

She is a sucker for attention and adoration, wanting everyone to like and love her as she is but the Taurus Man? Being a reserved creature of habit? Can make the Leo Woman upset when he is distant. This could be the catalysts for most of the arguments between the two partners as the Taurus Man doesn’t understand why the Leo Woman wants so much attention.

Tips for Better Understanding

Regardless of the astrological sign, there are always clashes or conflicts in a relationship as two distinct personalities mesh. Over time, these meshes can become the way two people learn to live and love with each other while allowing the opposite party to see inside the mind of their partner. To avoid major, potential relationship destroying conflicts, the Taurus Man and the Leo Woman should:

  • Engage in healthy dialogue about what they want in the relationship and how they plan to achieve it.
  • Be open and honest with each other as neither sign appreciates or wants dishonesty, games, or tricks.
  • Both signs need to work on letting go of control, even in the slightest amounts, to maintain an equal balance of power in the relationship.
  • Meet each other halfway – the Leo Woman should recognize that her Taurus Man is not someone to give attention and adoration to others without just cause. She needs to be patient about that and work on nurturing the connection between the two. The Taurus Man needs to recognize that his Leo Woman needs and desires reassurance of their bond (and love) so he needs to work on slowly breaking down his own self-imposed boundaries.

Taurus Man and Leo Woman Trust and Dependability

One of the most trustworthy signs, whether the person is male or female, is the Taurus astrological sign. This sign is about dependability, trust, and connection. Once the Taurus Man has connected with his Leo Woman? Then he will shield and support her from any hardship life wants to throw their way. He will be the rock that allows the Leo Woman to explore her fun-loving side while being the beacon of home to bring them back to earth.

The Leo Woman is a social creature that brings energy and light to the Taurus Man’s life, sometimes to an overwhelming degree, so it is important to have a strong bond formed between the two before jumping all-in. This strong bond? Comes from long conversations and shared secrets that they trust each other wholeheartedly with.

Taurus Man and Leo Woman Financial Harmony

The Taurus Man is passionate about his career and independent to a fault. He sets goals in his career to make sure he is financially stable and then he will work on those goals with complete attention to make them come into fruition.

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The Leo Woman is creative and loves to indulge herself in projects that allow her to expand this creative energy. When it comes to her career? She is going to throw herself all in and make sure she gets to where she wants to be on her own terms.

Both parties in relationship will conserve their money, reel in their spending (the Leo Woman less than the Taurus Man), and once they have their finances in order? Will allow themselves time and energy to play, show off, and surround themselves with posh things.

Notable Taurus Man and Leo Woman Couples

  • Orson Welles and Delores Del Rio
  • Carlin and Brenda Carlin
  • Fred Astaire and Robyn Smith
  • Richard Barthelmess and Mary Hay


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Granted, relationships are work. They can be hard, they can be messy, but they can also be the bright spot in the darkness and stress that comes with everyday life. The Leo woman and Taurus Man relationship is one that is not without strife but one that can be extremely rewarding and loving when the right two people join together.

Did you enjoy this article? Do you have experience or know someone that does being the Leo female in a relationship with the Taurus male (or vice versa)? Then we want to know your thoughts in the comments below. And please, feel free to share this article with whomever you like for some divine inspiration from the stars.

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