Taurus Man – Cancer Woman Compatibility in Love, Life, and Sex

The Taurus Man is someone who is steadfast and firm when it comes to his beliefs, he is the one that you want standing at your side when the tides turn, and he is the one that will treat each relationship in his life with importance.

You, his partner, is the Cancer Woman who has her own desires and beliefs. So how do these two astrological signs mix together in terms of romantic compatibility? How do these signs interact when dating is on the table? How is the compatibility in the bedroom? Will there be strife and hardship or an easy mix of personalities enjoying their relationship together in harmony? That is what we are diving into today to find out.

Compatibility Overview


Taurus Man Cancer Woman
Compatibility Degree


Emotional Connection

Below Average



Trust & Dependability


Common Values

Below Average

Intimacy & Sex

Very Strong

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Common Characteristics

Both independent creatures of habit and both stubborn, sometimes to a fault – the Taurus Man and the Cancer Woman share similar characteristics that help nourish their relationship.

He is patient and reserved when it comes to his preferences for all things in life and the Cancer Woman is the perfect foil with her patient and focused nature. Both focused on their achievements and careers, these two signs share a love of moving forward based solely on their own actions without outside help.

While the Cancer Woman is admittedly more emotional than the Taurus Man, when together in a romantic relationship? This actually brings out the emotions for the Taurus Man and tampers down the shifting mood swings of the Cancer Woman – leaving them on a more even kneel in their relationship.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Love, Sex, and Intimacy

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The Taurus Man is an earth-based element while his lady love is a water-based element that allows this relationship to develop naturally. Love between these two signs is deep and passionate but not without issues. He is reserved and his true nature is hidden inside with walls in place but the Cancer Woman is a safe place for him to knock down a few bricks and let his hair down. This reserved nature is an added benefit to this partnership because the emotional Cancer uses her Taurus Man as her rock, safe harbor, and crutch while going through mood swings.

Sex and intimacy are of equal importance for these two astrological signs and they are both dominant in the bedroom. The sensual Taurus will put his woman’s pleasure above his own and the Cancer Woman loves to make him feel just as good. The strongest point of their connection is how they interact in the bedroom, allowing intimate moments to be sprinkled throughout the more physical ones. The safe place that the Cancer Woman creates within her Taurus Man leaves her open and wanting to try all her hidden desires. Free to explore without judgement, she knows her Taurus Man will always bring her back from the abyss.

Ideally, this match is a golden one as he looks for love and support from his romantic partner and the Cancer Woman is all about nurturing the relationships in her life. The one that benefits most from this steady and nurturing care? Her romantic partner.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Communication and Intellect

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Both enjoy long conversations about their respective interests, allowing each person to have their turn with the microphone. While they might not always share the same interests? They share a love for each other so they give the different ones an honest and fair shot.

He enjoys spending time at home, in comfort and harmony with his lady love, but she is a social creature at the core. She will bring the Taurus Man out of his shell and open his eyes to the world around him while flourishing under his steady love and care. Deep conversations are how these two navigate their changing relationship as it turns towards the long-term instead of a fling.

Don’t think that these two must always need to be engaged in verbal communication – once the bond is strong enough? They will enjoy each other’s company while hanging out in mutual silence and it definitely won’t be the uncomfortable, thick kind but the soothing and peaceful kind.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Clashes/Conflicts

This union is typically a soothing and peaceful one but clashes and conflicts do arise when the allows his temper to get the better of him. The Cancer Woman is also known to use tricks to get a rise or attention from her Taurus Man which isn’t appreciated.

She is quite sensitive so the distant nature of her Taurus Man might cause issues in the long-run as she takes this as disinterest. Tender and easily hurt, she is not as in control of her emotions as she wishes she could be.

Being so emotional, she looks for signs of acceptance and love from her romantic partners so the reserved nature of the Taurus Man, at first, could be a deterrent. Once that bond is solid though? She knows her man always has her back.

Tips for Better Understanding

As with any union, there are tips and hints that allow the Taurus Man and Cancer Woman to coexist in harmony and prevent clashes from destroying what they’ve both worked hard to build:

  • Be patient – he is a dependable and steadfast man who will come to his own conclusions on his own time.
  • Be kind – he appreciates and adores kindness without any manipulation in the relationship.
  • Be open to the others’ interests – he is a creature of habit but needs to open up his boundaries when dating a Cancer Woman.
  • Be supportive – support each other throughout the hard and good times, provide each other with a safe place to break down, show emotions, and grow together from the experience.
  • Be talkative – while this might go against his nature, talking out things with her is a good way to move forward. Share what it is that makes each other act in a certain way without any judgement.
  • Accept each other’s differences – accepting the basic differences of this partnership will go a long way in making this relationship last for a lifetime.

Do These Signs Consider Trust and Dependability a Priority?

One of the most trustworthy and dependable signs in the astrological chart is the Taurus so the Taurus Man is no different. Dependable is the way that all those who truly know the Taurus Man will describe him. Steadfast, trustworthy; he protects and nourishes his relationships.

His romantic relationship with her is no exception and he provides the protection, along with the security, she craves and covets. Home is truly where the heart is for this matchup from the stars.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Financial Harmony

One of the greatest similarities between the both is their focus on their careers. Both signs are extremely focused on the big picture and financial security. Their careers are one of their greatest achievements and they want to be independent when it comes to their finances. Neither is the type to blow through large amounts of money on a whim but once their bills are paid and debts are taken care of? Then they definitely enjoy treating themselves to a treat or two.

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Strong-willed, patient, and focused makes this combination a serious threat to others in their chosen careers.

Notable Couples

  • Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
  • Jack Nicholson and Angelica Houston
  • Anthony Quinn and Katherine DeMille
  • George Lucas and Linda Ronstadt


The key to making this relationship work for both the short and long term is to be patient, open, and supportive of each other. Don’t use sex to cover up issues, even if this is the strongest shared desire at this point in time. Use your weaknesses to grow together and not apart.

Have you recently dated a Taurus Man or a Cancer Woman while having the opposite astrological sign mentioned today? We want to know what worked best for you (and what didn’t!) in the comments below. Have some more helpful tips or stories to share? Comment!

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