Taurus Man – Virgo Woman Compatibility in Love, Life, and Sex

Ever wonder what role your astrological sign can play into your relationship? For example, does the fact that your arguments tend to blow up into a major fiasco? How about the fact that you meet someone and you just instantly connect right down to your soul? This could definitely because your star signs are compatible (or not quite compatible).

Let’s take a look at one of the stronger compatible star signs that can exist in terms of romantic relationships – the Taurus Man and the Virgo Woman.

Compatibility Overview


Taurus Man, Virgo Woman
Compatibility Degree


Emotional Connection

Below Average



Trust & Dependability


Common Values

Below Average

Intimacy & Sex

Very Strong

Why is a Taurus Man so Attracted to a Virgo Woman?

One of the most attractive star signs to the dependable and steadfast Taurus Man is without a doubt, the Virgo Woman. The Virgo Woman allows him the stable place he desires to bring out the best aspects of his personality and showcase he is not always mellow, chill, and perhaps boring.

Both being Earth signs, the Taurus Man and the Virgo Woman meet in the middle on taking only calculated risks, ones that they can control. He is attracted to the Virgo Woman’s dependable nature and they truly bring out the best in each other. Taurus craves stability and security in his life, from his work to his home to his romantic relationship so Virgo is quite attractive to him.

Taurus Man and Virgo Woman Common Characteristics

The Taurus Man and the Virgo Man, with their Earth sign tendencies, definitely share a lot of common characteristics; which only strengthens their romantic bond.

Here is an overview of the top common characteristics these two-star signs share that makes them such a strong romantic couple:

  • Both will avoid risks and instead choose a path of stability. If they do take risks? They are calculated and cautiously thought out risks.
  • The Virgo Woman brings out the best in him by providing him with a safe and secure place to bring down his walls, and help him embrace life.
  • Both signs love to see the beauty in all areas of life, from work to family to friends to non-personal things.
  • Financial security is extremely important to this couple and they will continue to work hard to meet their goals in their careers.
  • Both being extremely focused on their goals allow them to immerse themselves without feeling guilt or feeling as if they are neglecting their romantic relationships because they understand each other.
  • One of the greatest attractions to the Taurus Man is loyalty and the Virgo Woman is loyal to the core when it comes to those closest to her.

Taurus Man and Virgo Woman Love, Sex, and Intimacy

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Here is one of the areas that the Taurus Man and the Virgo Woman truly connect on a deep level – the romantic relationship. When using the term romantic relationship, this means the love connection, the intimate connection, and how well these two can communicate in terms of the bedroom.

The Taurus Man wants to be loved and loved in equal measures. He treasures a loyal, transparent partner in his romantic relationships. What is meant by transparency is that he does not, and will not, appreciate games being played in his relationship. He wants all cards on the table, deep conversations about the relationship, and a smooth sailing one.

Both being sensual creatures by star sign, the sexual connection between the two is one that is based on passion and making sure the opposite partner fulfills their pleasure as well as their own. The Taurus Man and the Virgo Woman enjoy sex, enjoy foreplay, and enjoys learning the fantasies of their partner. The Virgo Woman can tend to be extremely selective about her sexual partners which the Taurus Man appreciates when he is chosen. He knows that sex, and everything that leads to sex, can make the Virgo Woman slightly unnerved but he uses this time to reassure her and learn her secret desires.

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This desire to fulfill each other’s sexual fantasies, and the trust that comes from doing so? Is what fuels the intimate connection between the Taurus Man and the Virgo Woman!

Taurus Man and Virgo Woman Communication and Intellect

The Taurus Man enjoys a challenge in terms of a lively debate but most people in his life proceed with caution because of his stubborn nature which can manifest itself in the form of having to be always right.

The Virgo Woman? She will meet him in the middle of the debate, allowing him his time to shine and then taking hers. A perfectionist by nature, the Virgo Woman has all her points in order before engaging in a debate or communication with her Taurus Man.

The level of intellect that these two-star signs share is off the charts and they enjoy pushing themselves to learn something new that can liven up their lifestyle. They push each other to succeed in their lives and their careers, which means bringing those intellect levels to a higher notch.

Taurus Man and Virgo Woman Clashes/Conflicts

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As with any relationship, the romantic entanglement of the Taurus Man and the Virgo Woman is not without its clashes and conflicts. There are numerous factors that can lead to a conflict in this relationship and lead to a clash in personalities.

The stubborn nature of the Taurus Man can definitely cause issues for the Virgo Woman as she is a perfectionist and needs to be in control of every single detail. She will clash against her Taurus Man in terms of both parties having to complete something in their particular way.

The organizational skills of the perfectionist Virgo Woman is something that every hoarder wishes they had but for the Taurus Man? This can lead to issues when her organizational skills cross the boundaries into the belongings of her Taurus Man. He needs to have his belongings in his own personal order which can lead to issues.

Tips for Better Understanding

Just because there are clashes in the relationship between the two, this doesn’t mean you are going to have to abort all romantic entanglements. You both simply need to set some ground rules for the issues that could arise. Some helpful tips could include:

  • Allow him a piece of territory in the shared home that is solely his and the Virgo Woman has to promise (and keep that promise) to stay out of this area with her organizational skills.
  • The Taurus Man has to be understanding of the nature of the Virgo Woman and accept her perfectionist habits that can manifest themselves in terms of nervousness. They need to talk to each other about their quirks, then work together to meet in the middle of a resolution that suits both of them.
  • The Virgo Woman has to be understanding of her Taurus man’s stubborn nature and tread lightly to bring down those walls but not in a malicious manner. The worst thing to do with him is play games or have a hidden agenda – be open about what you are doing and how it can help the relationship grow in harmony.

Taurus Man and Virgo Trust and Dependability

Trust and dependability are two of the highest priorities for both the Taurus Man and the Virgo Woman. They crave, appreciate, and worship a partner that can not only be dependable for them but also trustworthy.

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Luckily, with both of these fixed Earth signs? They ooze trust and dependability when it comes to those they hold near and dear. There are no hidden agendas or games with these two lovers but instead, there is understanding and envious communication.

Taurus Man and Virgo Woman Financial Harmony

Financial harmony is a major conflict to most couples but not the Taurus Man and the Virgo Woman. With their master levels of focus and their intent on growing their careers in an upwards direction; financial security is one of their top priorities whether they are single or they are in a romantic relationship.

Neither the Taurus Man nor the Virgo Woman wants to be dependent on their romantic partner for finances and they enjoy having their own money to spend at their own leisure. Once their financial obligations such as their mortgage and insurance payments are met? Then they are always willing and eager to treat themselves to something beautiful.

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So these two signs together? Will make sure that the home and bills are paid then they will make some beautiful memories together seeking out beauty in their surroundings.

Famous Taurus and Virgo Couples

  • Tim McGrath and Faith Hill
  • Will Arnett and Amy Poehler
  • Daniel Day Lewis and Rebecca Miller
  • Jerry Seinfeld and Jessica Sklaar


The relationship between the Taurus Man and the Virgo Woman isn’t one that is always smooth sailing but with stellar communication, strong boundaries and understandings for each other, and a shared outlook on the future? Let’s just say hello power couple.

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