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Authority Astrology is a place where lovers come to find detailed information about their sign and the dating compatibility they may have with other star signs.

Who We Are

Authority Astrology is a collaborative dream team of astrology enthusiasts and dating professionals who work together to curate the best original content and helpful guides for those who are looking to date according to their star sign.

With backgrounds in Astrology, dating and relationships, relationship therapy, and more, our experts provide up-to-date advice and practical tips for the modern dating person!

Editorial Guidelines

Our end game goal is to provide star sign lovers like yourself with the most accurate, entertaining and actionable advice on dating the most compatible people for your astrological sign and the challenges of modern relationships. Our editorial team strives to create and provide original content that’s easy to read and accessible to daters of all signs. We carefully research each topic, sign, and provide linked references, so you’ll know you can rely on the information we provide.

Meet Our Dream Team

Jennifer Foster

Managing Editor

Jennifer is a Libra and an Air sign who loves early morning sunrises and long hikes through the mountains. She’s a life-long romantic and believes there is someone for everyone, you just have to know where to look.

Jennifer studied Astrology and Human Relations. She uses her knowledge and skills to create quality, reliable content as a life and relationship coach for star sign dating enthusiasts all over the world through Authority Astrology.

Portrait of Jennifer Foster

How to Contact Us

As a hub for star crossed lovers to find what they need to navigate through the wide world of dating astrological signs, we love to hear from our readers! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us directly on our Contact Page.

We’re also pretty active on social media, so you can join the Authority Astrology team on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Come share pictures of your dating success with us!

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