Angel Number 999 – Meaning and Symbolism

When the angels have a message for you, they will send it through a couple of different mediums. They might send it via dreams if you are deeply intuitive, but their favorite method is through the use of angel numbers.

These angel numbers correlate to a specific message or reason they are contacting you and the number you receive is based on what the universe needs you to know at this point in your journey through life. Today we are taking a deeper look at the angel number 999 to determine its meaning, the symbolism, and why seeing the number 999 consistently could mean changes in your life.

What Does Angel Number 999 Mean?

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Don’t be alarmed, we’ll explain exactly why you might be seeing this frequent number sequence and how you can interpret it.

Seeing the Number 999

Angel numbers tend to pop up the most random of places – or so it seems. It’s when you realize that you are seeing the same numbers over and over that the pattern emerges. You could notice that every item you are purchasing lately has $9.99 in the price, the number you are calling has 999 somewhere within the other digits, the meter on the taxi stops at $9.99, and various other instances.

At first, you might think, “oh, what a coincidence!” but it is when you notice that it’s happening every single day in some shape or form (or even multiple times a day) that you start to wonder what the hidden meaning is here and if there is something that someone up above in the stars is trying to tell you.

Symbolic Meaning

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The symbolism behind angel number 999 is quite a positive message and one that people will be excited to receive. This number is all about the new and daring changes that are about to take over your life. These changes are things that you’ve been wanting for some time now, but you were never quite confident enough to embrace the change and just go for it.

The angels want you to know that even though you are nervous and kind of wary of making such a major change in your lifestyle – the risk will pay off. The number is tripled in the presentation of the message, meaning that the stars, the planets, and everything is aligned for the changes in your life to take effect.

Granted, some of these changes might not have the outcome you’ve been hoping for but the chance to stretch your wings and fly is worth it. The experience and freedom alone will make you transform yourself internally and externally just that tad bit more as you inch and guide towards the person the universe knew you could be.

Angel Number 999 – Love

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Depending on the type of love you are looking for in your life, this message could have a couple of different meanings or a couple of different realizations for people as it’s all about the interpretation and how it applies to your current situation.

In the case of someone single or recently single – the change that is coming around the corner is someone who will enter your life to show you love, kindness, and boost your confidence in an intimate situation. This person might not necessarily be your new long-term romantic partner, but they are going to enter your life to show you that you do deserve love and that the person you were with before didn’t know how to respond to or meet your needs.

In the case of someone who is in a committed relationship – then you are about to have a major change in your relationship. This change depends on the state of affairs within your relationship. If the relationship is running its course or the romantic partner you have isn’t meeting your needs; then it is time to seriously look into the dissolution of the relationship as a whole. If it’s a toxic and negative situation; then the change that the angels want you to make is to find the strength to leave.

Is the relationship wholesome and loving? Then the next stage is around the corner, whether that be marriage, moving in together, or new addition in some form!

Angel Number 999 – Spiritual

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The process behind a change in something major in your life can be not only scary (and nerve-wracking and overwhelming – you get the picture) but it can also be something that brings you a sense of weary survival. The angels send you the message using the number 999 because it means in a spiritual sense that while the angels are unable to make the changes for you, their presence and guiding hand will help you during the journey, providing you with inner peace and strength for the challenges ahead.

The angels want you to know that spiritually you are ready to complete your journey and that you are about to embark on the experience of a lifetime. These experiences don’t come up very often, so you should embrace them while the opportunity is on the table.

Facts About Angel Number 999

Angel number 999 can have a couple of other meanings or fun facts, such as:

  • The universe, the higher powers, and the angels want you to know that is healing in forgiveness. If you are spending your time on negative emotions, thoughts, and other toxic things in your life – you are throwing your soul out of whack. The angels see the pain you are in, and they want you to change that by making peace with past negative emotions.
  • Use the changing societies in the world to express who it is you always wanted to be. Don’t feel trapped or caged by “standards” – be the person you want to be, not who everyone else thinks you should be.

What to Do When You Frequently See Number 999?

The best thing to do when you frequently see number 999 is to listen to the message from the angels and make strides to change the things in your life that aren’t bringing you any joy or positivity. If this means making appointments with trusted professionals to dredge through trauma or negativity – then do this.

If this means taking the time to brush up your resume for the next big job fair at your dream company – then do this. If this means leaving a relationship that isn’t bringing you any closer to the person you want to be – then do this.

The angels are guiding you even when you can’t see them but if you try hard enough, you can feel them.

In Conclusion

Never be alarmed when the angels send you a message as they will never steer you wrong. They might get you to embrace change in the sense of taking you out of your comfort zone and push you gently in the direction of making major decisions you’ve been putting off, but you won’t regret it! You have the angels on your side! Don’t forget to please comment below after you finished reading this post.

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